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Mohanty Public Administration Notes Download

Synergy Public Administration Printed notes by M.k.Mohanty is well known coaching institute in Delhi. It is mainly known for ethics and Public administration. M.K.Mohanty teaches public Administration.Public administration is a scoring optional and Synergy notes are very good for the students who reside outside Delhi. Notes is the actual one and given in the classroom programme.Total no of booklets are 6 and newly added syllabus is covered in this.Its 2014 batch successful candidates in UPSC examination is as following :-Suresh Bhagat :- 5th RankLok Bandhu :- 7th rankNitish K :- 8th RankSanskriti Jain :-11th RankRaju Mishra :- 65th rank

mohanty public administration notes download


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