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SAFETY FIRST: We're taking extra measures to ensure your children are safe in our nursery. 

Your Child is in Great Hands

Our Philosophy

  • Christios ensures that children have age-appropriate schedules, offering parents the assurance that their little ones are not only safe but also provided with a well-balanced structure for their growth and development.


  • Christios builds character, structure, care, respect, responsibility, and friendships.


  • Christios provides a nutritionally balanced meal for all children including FREE breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks in between.


  • Christios Child Care & Academy has been a trusted child care service provider for over 20 yrs.


  • Christios has emerged as a thriving enterprise in Michigan, expanding to three convenient locations.

  • Christios is a company founded with a deep passion for children, a commitment that is eloquently expressed in our mission statement.


At Christios Child Care & Academy, our mission is to empower and educate children, fostering their growth into conscientious, creative and responsible individuals who actively contribute to society.


To provide an experience of excellence while we allow each child to reach their destiny.

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