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"Buzzard" is a generic name applied to a wide range of birds of prey. The common European buzzard is a fairly large raptor with distinctive "spread-finger" wingtip feathers; it spends much of its time perched, watching its environment attentively.


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The buzzard attacks mainly by using its machine guns or occasionally missiles. It can also drop two Airborne Marauders to the ground at any time, but usually when the buzzard is close to destruction. The weak points of the buzzard are its pilot and the bottom of its engines. Because they are armored, shooting these areas with a corrosive weapon can deal massive damage. While the buzzard is very mobile, it will often stop and exposes the cockpit to gunfire, usually in an attempt to line up for an attack run.

Aside from the rocket barrage, single buzzards are not particularly deadly, but their mobility and tendency to attack in groups can make it harder to find cover from them than from land-bound enemies. Because of this, they can be extremely dangerous in groups of three or four, and if they focus fire, a character can quickly be overwhelmed. They are much less durable than other vehicles, and their weak points are relatively large; even a Badass Buzzard can take fewer body hits than a Bandit Technical, and critical hits will bring them down even faster.

If a buzzard has not yet dropped its Airborne Marauders, they can be killed separately from the main craft, commonly by explosive weapons. If the buzzard is destroyed before it can offload its two Airborne Marauders, they will die as well, but do not provide additional experience.

Weapons that do more damage on a single shot are preferred for destroying buzzards; these include sniper rifles, shotguns, and pistols. SMGs and assault rifles are not as good, because each of their shots usually hits for lower damage, and a buzzard's mobility means that it can dodge most of the shots.

One good way to bring down buzzards is with a shotgun that has corrosive damage. Vault Hunters can wait until they are about to attack before shooting; this ensures that the buzzard takes maximum damage in only a few shots.

Maya's Phaselock, especially if supplemented with Ruin, can make short work of buzzards. As they cannot be constrained, they will take damage and Maya's action skill will immediately begin to recharge, allowing for more frequent use of Phaselock/Ruin.

Rather than shooting a Buzzard head-on, Zer0 can make use of B0re and shoot one of the Airborne Marauders from the side, causing increased damage to the buzzard if it connects. Adding points in Vel0city will greatly help to reduce the amount of lead needed for this shot.

The Deliverance's special effect may prove useful against buzzards. When reloaded and thrown in the presence of a target, the Deliverance slowly flies and homes in, all while firing. Because of a buzzard's erratic flight pattern, the thrown Deliverance may spend more time in the air following its target, allowing for more shots to be fired. The spread of the shots may also often land multiple critical hits on the buzzard's engines or pilot. 041b061a72


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