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MBLEx Study Guide 2017: MBLEx Test Prep And Practice Test Questions For The Massage Amp; Bodywork L

HelloI have a question. I graduated massage school in 1994 when there was only licensure in florida. Took the NCTMB test and passed it but did not continue with the continuing ceu. Is it still good or should I take the mblex in florida. I will be changing my residence to florida in june.Second question- I want to become a continuing education provider for all over the us. Do I need to be licenced in every.state or just florida where my residence isThanks for your assistance

MBLEx Study Guide 2017: MBLEx Test Prep and Practice Test Questions for the Massage amp; Bodywork L

I graduated in Dec 2011, passed by mblex a few months after. I never turned in my licensing papers or anything after I took my test. Do the mblex scores ever expire? Can I still turn them in to get my license?

I graduated in 1993 from the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts in Atlanta with a certificate in Neuromuscular, Swedish and Sports Massage. I immediately worked in Atlanta as a massage therapist. I then moved to Lenox, Massachusetts and worked as a massage therapist as well. In spas, pain clinic and private practice. I have approx. 2,000 hours of experience. I have not practiced massage since 2003 and would like to start again. I now have to take a national exam that was not required 20 years ago, in Georgia, correct? I still have my massage skills. Is my best route to study for and take the MBLEX? Should I plan on giving myself 90 days to study and prepare for the exam roughly? Thanks! Beth

Hi, Kjersti!Thanks for stopping by.I am not sure if you have seen the press release, but the NCBTMB will no longer offer an entry level examination after 11/2014 (You can read the press release here). I would think their study guide will no longer be available after that date. The MBLEx reading material list is a little daunting, but I do use several of the books on the reading list regularly for reference in my massage practice (and while writing practice questions for this site).

The goal of the MBLEx is not to measure different levels of competence between test-takers, or to see who can get the highest score in a massage class. A better score does not indicate a person will be a better massage therapist. The aim of the exam is to distinguish whether a candidate meets the minimum level of competence required to practice as an entry-level massage professional. The MBLEx is used by nearly every state, along with minimum education requirements, to determine if a person can safely practice massage and be issued a massage license by the state.

I graduated school in 2012. I took the mblex 3 times. I was always so close to passing on the scores. Im a bad test taker. Im about to pay to review anatomy physiology and kinesiology. I start next week. Im positive but scared to fail again. Aftet the 3rd time i was devastated. Any advice?

If you have not previously completed a required examination, you likely need to take the MBLEx in order to obtain a Florida massage license. If you are looking for a MBLEx study program, check out Massage Exam Academy for an up-to-date study guide and 4000+ practice questions.

HiI am from Michigan looking to move to Florida within the year. Thank you for providing this site and being so willing to help others.When I graduated from my school we were the last class grandfathered in and did not have to take the mblex or any other exam. I have now been doing massage for over 8 years and have my own business.Everything I am reading leads me to believe I will be expected to take the mblex or one of the other tests in order to qualify to transfer my license and practice in Florida? Not sure if you know?

Hi Ivy. I am moving to Florida in two months and want to get my license transfered before i move there. I am currently licensed in the state of MS and have 700 hours of massage education. From what Ive gathered i just need to take the 15hour ce classes and take the mblex. I see you offer the classes on this website and study guide for the mblex. I am interested and would like to know a little more if you can help me. Thanks 076b4e4f54


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