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In another alternate timeline, the Doctor wasn't killed at Lake Silencio and a fixed point in time was altered. Amy, due to the cracks, retained her memories of the real timeline and led a group that included Rory and River. She had an office on board a train and had to draw images of the original timeline to remember them. Despite this, while she knew she loved Rory very much, she didn't recognise him until later, only knowing him as Captain Williams and not recognising what was right in front of her. They tried to fix time without killing the Doctor. When Rory tried to sacrifice himself to buy her time to escape, Amy finally remembered him and rescued him from the Silence. After killing Madame Kovarian for what she did to River, Amy asked Rory out and to marry her. Rory, who was in love with her in that timeline as well, happily agreed and the two remained holding hands for the rest of their time together. Amy helped River explain the timey-wimey distress beacon to the Doctor and had to explain who River was to them to Rory. While stunned, she gave her permission as the mother of the bride to the Doctor to marry River and witnessed the marriage. She later displayed knowledge of the events of this timeline and was especially disturbed that she killed Kovarian in cold blood, even when River told her that she only remembered doing so and those events were removed from reality. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

Final Fantasy Viii Steam Edition-inlaws Crack

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