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King of sports

Football is often hailed as the king of sports, bringing a myriad of emotions to its fans that are hard to describe.

Many people live and breathe immersing themselves in every match. However, there is a darker side to this passion known as "football betting."

As each new season begins, this hidden aspect flares up alongside the excitement of the game. Winners are ecstatic, while losers become desperate, often resorting to further betting in an attempt to recover their losses.

This vicious cycle has led many into severe debt and despair, unable to find a way out due to their gambling habits.

According to research by best football prediction despite Euro 2020 having just started, there are already numerous cases of people going broke after each match

. Frustrated and angry, they find themselves in a never-ending cycle of betting.

he and his friends live and sleep with football. Alongside their passion for the sport is a competitive streak that traps them in the snare of betting.

He recalls previous seasons when friends and family members fell into the betting whirlpool, with some wagers reaching tens of millions of dong per match.

By the end of the season, some owed hundreds of millions, even billions. Losing assets, homes, and family harmony often happens post-season.

Most people realize that no one gets rich from football betting; instead, they plunge into deeper debt and misery. Despite knowing this, not everyone can easily quit.

While some of his friends have managed to stop, many continue to engage in these risky bets, ignoring advice from loved ones.

Confessions of a Football Betting Victim

has not only led to mounting debts and broken families but also legal troubles. Numerous cautionary tales have surfaced, involving both players and bettors.

Recently, a video on social media showed a husband begging at his wife's feet in a community courtyard, seeking help while she cried in frustration over his addiction to football betting.

Here is an excerpt from their conversation, illustrating the harsh reality of football betting:

"Don't let high-stakes matches become the 'gamble of your life.'"

This is just one of many stories highlighting the desperate and dire consequences of football betting. Beyond the financial ruin, the obsession with gambling brings a myriad of other social issues.

Expert Opinions on Football Betting

Commentator notes that in most soccer prediction machine commentary programs, predicting match outcomes is a significant aspect. People eagerly await commentators and experts to share their insights.

However, these predictions are personal opinions and can be right or wrong. They should be used to enhance the viewing experience, not as a basis for gambling.

During Euro 2020, Huy received numerous messages and calls, even from close friends, seeking advice on match predictions and betting tips.

In such cases, he humorously responds that if he could predict accurately, he wouldn't be a commentator anymore.

Huy emphasizes that while he can predict match outcomes quite closely, football betting involves various factors like handicaps and odds, which complicate matters.

He advises fans to enjoy the game from a technical perspective without letting emotions drive them into risky bets.

The Psychological Aspect of Football Betting

Crime psychology expert Dao Trung Hieu explains that football, being the king of sports, attracts a vast audience.

During matches, people may make small bets based on their predictions, which can lead to gambling. The history of football betting began in England and spread globally.

While many countries have legalized it, Vietnam still considers it illegal, except under specific regulations.

The thrill of predicting match outcomes drives the betting craze. However, this has evolved into a severe issue in many countries, including Vietnam, where some view it as a means to make money rather than a passion for the sport.

The Dangers of Football Betting

frequently receives messages inviting him to participate in football tips and predictions with some implying that his expertise gives him a high success rate.

Huy politely declines, explaining that watching matches already provides enough excitement without the added risk of betting. He warns that betting can lead to serious consequences, both financially and emotionally.

Despite efforts by authorities to crack down on illegal betting, it persists. Each football season brings heartbreaking stories of financial ruin and personal loss.

Huy shares a poignant story from a documentary he filmed in Ho Chi Minh City about an old man who guarded a bridge during football seasons, knowing it was a common spot for those who had lost bets to attempt suicide.


Football is undoubtedly the king of sports, but its dark side can lead fans into despair and legal troubles. As such, those involved in football betting should reflect on their actions and consider the potential losses.

It is crucial to make wise decisions to avoid falling into the "betting trap" and to protect the valuable aspects of their lives.


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