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Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue

Gameplay is based around various aspects of equestrianism, with the precise activities varying from game to game in the series. Players tame, feed, groom, and train horses. Horses may become lost, whereupon players will have to find them. The central part of gameplay, though, is riding horses by various methods, including trick riding and participation in horse racing. Players may be attacked by hostile animals such as porcupines and skunks.

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue


The plot involves Barbie having to solve the mystery of the missing horse of Barbie's friend Teresa. To do so, the player, as Barbie, has to explore the countryside, consisting of varied terrain ranging from forest to desert, while solving logic puzzles.

Mystery Ride is the first game in the Barbie Horse Adventures series to use 3-D graphics. The core gameplay is based around equestrianism, including feeding, grooming, and training horses. Barbie can also change into several different sets of clothing, enabling her to play dress-up.

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue is an adventure game played from a third-person perspective. A storm comes in and causes the gate at a ranch to open, letting horses and foals run away. Barbie must track down the foals and horses through 3 parts of 3 different settings: the forest, the mountains, and the beach. There is an average of three foals plus one horse that can be found at the end of the section. In the 2nd part of the section, a missing horse will be found by someone else, and Barbie must race them.

As Barbie, the player has the option of completing various quests given to her by the denizens of the island, such as finding lost items or fixing broken objects. Travel over the island is on horseback. The player can participate in timed horse races and can also buy diverse sets of clothing, enabling Barbie to play dress-up.

Basically, you have to either chase down a wild horse and lasso it, something that used to take me forever when I was a kid. When I approached this section of the level this time through, I was super nervous, mostly because I knew the controls were janky as hell. To my surprise, I got it in about fifteen seconds. Huh, I guess my gaming skills have improved somewhat.

In Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue, a bunch of horses have been frightened by a lightning storm and Barbie must go round them back up. Her horse serves to move her around the terrain, but she must get off to do much else. The storm also knocked some things down, so she must climb or clear obstacles to access certain areas.

When she finds a horse, she must pet it to calm it down if it's a foal, or lasso a bigger horse, then lead it to a hitching post and call the stable on her cell phone. There are also coins to find which can be used to buy new outfits for Barbie or her horse. The object of the game is to rescue all the horses and complete Barbie's wardrobe.

Make no mistake, this game is squarely aimed at the 5-8 year old little girlmarket and delivers a fun, enjoyable experience for them. Emily will get to rideone of several steeds through six different trails rounding up six foals androping a horse at the end. The controls are very easy to master and allow theplayer to just get into the fun.

The game is broken up into six trails that ask Barbie to round up the horsesthat have escaped from the stables. As you complete one trail, the next gate isunlocked. There are sub-quests to complete on each trail, including finding 100coins, finding the hidden treasure chest that hold, GASP! new outfits forBarbie, and timed quests to pick up tokens.

The horse that you ride is a very temperamental beast. It is important totake time out to pat the horse on a regular basis, dismount and scratch itsnose, find carrots for her to eat, and most importantly, regularly wash off thedirt back at the stable or in the nearest stream. Why is this important, youask? Because the level of friendship the horse feels for you, as shown by themeter at the top of the screen, determines how well the horse will perform foryou when running, jumping fences, or leaping gaps in the ground.

Some of Barbie's wild horses are missing from her stable, and you must help her find them. Choose your horse, riding tack, and Barbie's outfit, and then ride through the beautiful countryside. You can even help Barbie dismount her horse and explore trails on foot. Your adventure, however, is not without dangers, as you must jump over fallen trees, cross rickety bridges, and avoid other obstacles. After you chase the horses, lasso them, and return them to safety, you can challenge your friend to race.

The main goals are to rescue all the horses and complete Barbie's wardrobe. Barbie must track down the foals and horses through three different settings: the forest, the mountains, and the beach. In each setting, there are typically three foals and one horse that can be found at the end of individual sections. In the last half of the section, a missing horse will be found by someone else, and Barbie must race them.

You can customize both your player and the horses. There is a horse cleaning section, more than a few sections where to get a horse past a point you would have to carry buckets to add/get rid of water. Barbie must get past wild animals of varying difficulty, like skunks, porcupines, and bears.

When Barbie finds a scared horse, she must first calm it down before she can bring it back. If the horse is a foal, she can pet it, or if it is an adult horse then she can lasso it. Once the horse is calmed, Barbie can tie it to a hitching post and user her cell phone to call for help. 041b061a72


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