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Teen Lust (2014)

The movie is not a new release exactly, but it appeared on my Vudu account under recent horror comedies that might appeal to my undying love for the best film of 2015 (which you probably didn't see either) Deathgasm. The Teen Lust title, while it speaks to certain carnal urges, wasn't what drew my attention entirely to this gem of a movie. No, that title, coupled with the poster are what had my eyebrows raised. It features a lush teen girl unlocking her bra from behind, showing off her Satanic tattoo. Add fire, and the fact that Daryl Sabara is the second lead, and I ordered that sh*t right away. Listen, Scrunts: I was not disappointed!&#160

Teen Lust (2014)

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While Spy Kids and its sequels were fun for the early Aughts, they were family films that fell slightly out of my peripheral at the time. It wasn't until Bobcat Goldthwait's modern day comedy masterpiece World's Greatest Dad that Sabara emerged as one of the most promising talents of these past two decades. Though he's been widely underused, flying in with a stealth appearance in Eli Roth's Green Inferno, a cameo in Disney's John Carter and not much else. Once again, he creates what is one of the best teen characters in recent cinema. Though, he's just one of the many great joys to discover in this swift hour and twenty minutes.&#160

Praise must also goes to the lead, Jesse Carere, who plays the situation at hand with clever abandon and conviction. His Neil is a real prize in this tale of virginity loss, and he manages to turn everything we've seen before in the genre on its head.&#160If you didn't think there was anywhere new to take the sex comedy, you are very sorely mistaken. And this movie plays like a challenge set out to director Blaine Thurier and his co-writer Jason Stone. The screenplay recalls all the great 80s movies on the subject, and even plays to the teen resurgence seen in the late 90s and early 2000s. In some ways, it's a sly callback to American Pie that deftly answers the question, 'Where do you go after f*cking pastries?'

The movie ends on a happy note that will have you singing along as our heroes sail off into the sunset. Teen Lust arrives with a real Once Bitten vibe, calling back certain aspects of that Jim Carrey horror comedy. But Teen Lust goes above and beyond the call of duty. It's not just some throw away direct-to-video waste of time. It's a love letter to 80s teen sex and horror comedies that is a solid neo-classic in the genre. If you're looking for something new and awesome to watch, I implore you, order up eOne's Teen Lust today on whatever streaming device you utilize on a daily basis. Just make sure who ever reads back receipts at the end of the month is in on the joke.

surprisingly, this was a really fun horror-comedy about a teen who needs to lose his virginity on the night of his 18th birthday before a satanic cult sacrifices him. i was a little skeptical at first, but there were plenty of genuinely funny moments that made this an extremely enjoyable watch. definitely deserves more attention.

Deathgasm's horny cousin from the North.I shouldn't love this movie as much as I do, but here we are. The movie has a unique premise: Take your average teen sex comedy, and add in Satan. Its not exactly a high-class masterpiece, but it is funny (mostly thanks to Daryl Sabara) and entertaining. All of the cast does a good job, with Jesse Carere, vulgar and sex obsessed Sabara, and long-haired Satanic cult leader Cary Elwes being the standouts. Additionally while this is basically a comedy with a horror plot the plot is still unique and interesting, with fun setpieces and a fiery finale.Overall, this is a fun teen comedy with an interesting premise and I recommend it.

Neil is just like any other awkward high school teen, apart for the fact his part of a satanic cult, and his parents are trying to sacrifice him to the devil. In order for this to stop, he has to lose his virginity.

The teen-horror-sex-comedy returns and falls just a little flat with "Teen Lust," a blandly titled film that finds a young person struggling to become deflowered before a virgin-sacrificing Satanic cult gets its knives into him. The premise is engagingly solid, leading to mostly expected shenanigans with its protagonist trying have both sex and a future. A somewhat limited production boasts a committed cast but little else memorable. The results are not time-wasting; they are, however, mediocre.

In this horror parody, a masked serial killer menaces the town of Bulimia Falls with various sharp objects. Attention-seeking television personality Hagitha Utslay is soon on the scene, reporting on the ever-growing body count. Former mall security guard Doughy shows up to protect the teenage population, but he's clearly not much help, allowing the murderer to pick off even more hapless kids as numerous scary movies are referenced.

Four teenaged lads set off to get laid in order to stay alive. However, the boys have to attract the girls first in order to complete their mission. Otherwise, they will be hunted and killed by a vicious Werewolf which only seems interested in Virgins.

In the town of Dillford, humans, vampires and zombies were all living in peace - until the alien apocalypse arrived. Now three teenagers-one human, one vampire, and one zombie-have to team up to figure out how to get rid of the visitors.

Beautiful destruction. That was Martha. Spontaneity and lust and complication packaged in a little-bit-of-nothing dress that appeared too flimsy for a fifty-degree December day and cemented Joaquin's belief that he would never see a sexier pair of legs.

Last week, John Boehner, the Republican House Speaker, was sitting down to breakfast at Pete's Diner, his regular Capitol Hill haunt, when two teen immigration-reform activists, video camera running, interrupted his morning routine.

Since the first edition of this landmark guide was published, there has been increased interest in services for library patrons on the autism spectrum; indeed, more people of all ages now self-identify as autistic. Those who understand the unique characteristics of autistic young people know that ordinary library programming guides are not up to the task of effectively serving these library users. Well qualified to speak to this need, Anderson is an educator, library researcher, and former public librarian who has helped to develop two IMLS funded initiatives that train library workers to better understand and serve autistic patrons. Here, she offers librarians who work with children and teens in both public library and K-12 educational settings an updated, comprehensive resource that includes

Douglas was a performer as early as kindergarten, when he recited a poem about the red robin of spring. He was a star in high school and in college he wrestled and built the physique that was showcased in many of his movies. He was determined, hitchhiking to St. Lawrence as a teen and convincing the dean to approve a student loan. And he was tough. One of his strongest childhood memories was of flinging a spoonful of hot tea into the face of his intimidating father. 041b061a72


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