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Janwar Hindi Film Free Downloadk

Janwar Hindi Film

Janwar (transl. Animal) is a 1999 Indian Hindi-language action film directed and produced by Suneel Darshan, starring Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor, and Shilpa Shetty in pivotal roles. The film tells the story of Badshah (Kumar), a criminal who changes his ways when he finds a baby who survived a train crash and raises him as his own. However, things take a turn when his criminal past catches up to him.


The film was released on 24 December 1999 and was a commercial success, becoming the 13th highest-grossing Hindi film of the year. The film was also praised for its music, composed by Anand-Milind, and its action sequences.


Orphaned when his mother dies of starvation, Babu (Akshay Kumar) is taken in by Sultan, an ambitious local criminal. Sultan has gathered a group of boys, led by his nephew Abdul, who he trains to work for him. Babu grows up to become "Badshah", a professional criminal working for Sultan.

After having robbed a jewellery store, Badshah and Abdul are chased by police but manage to escape. The next day Badshah sees Sapna (Karisma Kapoor), a poor street performer, singing and dancing for money. Badshah gives her a large amount of money in order to replace her ripped and old clothes, and Sapna becomes interested in him.

Returning home, Badshah finds Inspector Pradhan waiting for him, and the two threaten each other, engaging in a war of words ending with the Inspector vowing to put an end to Badshah's criminal activities.

During a weapons exchange, Badshah and Abdul are intercepted by police and a chase ensues. Badshah is shot in the arm and the chaos causes both their vehicles to crash. Inspector Pradhan becomes trapped in his car, and Badshah helps him get out. Despite having been saved, the Inspector tries to arrest Badshah, who manages to escape, but is injured badly.

Abdul leaves Badshah and goes to get help. Sapna finds Badshah and takes him to her home, looking after him as he recovers. Abdul visits Badshah and updates him about the heightened police presence in the city, advising him to remain with Sapna temporarily.

Sapna runs out of money and is manipulated by her greedy uncle, who tells her that he has arranged a loan for her. Instead, she finds that her uncle has sold her for a bottle of liquor to a man, who attempts to rape her. Badshah arrives in time to save her, and states that destiny has brought them together.

Badshah decides to leave his criminal life behind and start afresh with Sapna. He confesses his love for her and proposes marriage, which she accepts. However, Sultan is not happy with Badshah's decision and tries to persuade him to return to his gang. When Badshah refuses, Sultan threatens to harm Sapna.

Meanwhile, a train carrying prisoners derails and crashes near Sapna's home. Among the survivors is Rajkumar Saxena (Mohnish Bahl), a wealthy businessman who was falsely accused of murder by his stepmother (Asha Sachdev) and her lover (Rami Reddy). Rajkumar sees a baby lying near the wreckage and takes him with him.

Rajkumar reaches Sapna's home and asks for help. Sapna recognizes him as her childhood friend and welcomes him. Rajkumar tells her that he has escaped from jail and needs to prove his innocence. He also shows her the baby he found and asks her to take care of him until he returns.

Sapna agrees and names the baby Sunny. She introduces Sunny to Badshah, who is surprised to see him but does not reveal anything. Badshah feels guilty for leaving Sunny behind at the crash site and decides to adopt him as his son.

Badshah takes Sapna and Sunny to his old home, where he reveals his true identity as Babu Lohar and tells them about his past. He also tells them that Sunny is his biological son, who was born out of a rape. He explains that he had raped a woman named Mamta (Shilpa Shetty) during a robbery, and later found out that she was pregnant with his child.

He tried to abort the child, but Mamta refused and ran away. She boarded a train with her baby, but it crashed and she died. Badshah found her body and the baby, and felt remorse for his actions. He decided to raise the baby as his own, but was separated from him during the police chase.

Sapna is shocked and hurt by Badshah's confession, but forgives him for his mistakes. She tells him that she loves him and Sunny, and they are a family now.

However, their happiness is short-lived as Sultan and his men attack them. Badshah fights them off, but is wounded. He manages to escape with Sapna and Sunny, and reaches a temple. There, he meets Rajkumar, who has returned with evidence to prove his innocence.

Rajkumar tells Badshah that he knows that Sunny is his son, as he had seen him with Mamta on the train. He also tells him that Mamta was his wife, who had married him against her father's wishes. He reveals that his stepmother and her lover had killed his father and framed him for the murder, and also hired Sultan to kill Mamta and Sunny.

Badshah is shocked and apologizes to Rajkumar for ruining his life. Rajkumar forgives him and tells him that he considers him as his brother. He also tells him that he has no claim over Sunny, as he is Badshah's son by blood.

Sultan arrives at the temple with his men and Inspector Pradhan. He tells Pradhan that Badshah is a wanted criminal and tries to arrest him. However, Pradhan refuses to do so, as he has realized that Badshah is a good person who has reformed himself.

A fight ensues between Badshah and Sultan's gang. Badshah kills Sultan's men one by one, but is fatally shot by Sultan. Rajkumar intervenes and shoots Sultan dead, avenging his wife's death.

Badshah dies in Sapna's arms, telling her that he loves her and Sunny. Sapna cries over his body, while Rajkumar consoles her. Pradhan salutes Badshah for his bravery and sacrifices.


  • Akshay Kumar as Babu Lohar / Badshah

  • Karisma Kapoor as Sapna

  • Shilpa Shetty as Mamta Saxena

  • Mohnish Bahl as Rajkumar Saxena

  • Asha Sachdev as Rajkumar's stepmother

  • Rami Reddy as Rajkumar's stepmother's lover

  • Shakti Kapoor as Abdul

  • Ashutosh Rana as Sultan

  • Johnny Lever as Bajrangi

  • Kader Khan as Inspector Pradhan

  • Viju Khote as Sapna's uncle

  • Aditya Kapadia as Sunny / Babu Lohar Jr.


The music of the film was composed by Anand-Milind, with lyrics written by Sameer. The soundtrack consists of seven songs, featuring vocals by Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh, Ram Shankar, and Jaspinder Narula.


1"Mera Yaar Dildar"Alka Yagnik, Sonu Nigam5:06

2"Paas Bulati Hai"Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chauhan6:31

3"Tujhko Na Dekhun"Udit Narayan, Sun Here is the rest of the article:

idhi Chauhan5:02

4"Rishta Dilon Ka"Sukhwinder Singh6:05

5"Angoori Angoori"Alka Yagnik5:07

6"Kasam Se"Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik5:45

7"Ankhon Ankhon Mein"Ram Shankar, Jaspinder Narula5:34


The film received mixed to positive reviews from critics, who praised the performances of the lead actors, the music, and the action scenes, but criticized the plot for being clichéd and predictable. The film has a rating of 6.2 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 1,853 user ratings.

The film was a commercial success, earning 25.58 crore at the domestic box office, making it the 13th highest-grossing Hindi film of 1999. The film was also declared a "Super Hit" by Box Office India.

Awards and nominations

The film received several awards and nominations, mainly for its music and action. The film won two Filmfare Awards out of five nominations, and one Zee Cine Award out of four nominations. The film also won one Screen Award and one IIFA Award.


Filmfare AwardsBest Music DirectorAnand-MilindWon

Filmfare AwardsBest Male Playback SingerSonu Nigam for "Mera Yaar Dildar"Won

Filmfare AwardsBest Female Playback SingerSunidhi Chauhan for "Paas Bulati Hai"Nominated

Filmfare AwardsBest Action DirectorTinu VermaNominated

Filmfare AwardsBest LyricistSameer for "Paas Bulati Hai"<


Nominated td>

Zee Cine AwardsBest Music DirectorAnand-MilindWon

Zee Cine AwardsBest Male Playback SingerSonu Nigam for "Mera Yaar Dildar"Nominated

Zee Cine AwardsBest Female Playback SingerSunidhi Chauhan for "Paas Bulati Hai"<


Nominated td>

Zee Cine AwardsBest Action DirectorTinu VermaNominated

Screen AwardsBest Music DirectorAnand-MilindWon

IIFA AwardsBest Male Playback SingerSonu Nigam for "Mera Yaar Dildar"Won



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