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Buy Feline Pine

Feline Pine currently offers two cat litter formulas, both made from all-natural pine materials. The Original formula is a non-clumping formula consisting of large granules while the second formula is a clumping formula consisting of fine sawdust-like flakes.

buy feline pine

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This Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter is designed to be a natural alternative to traditional clumping clay cat litters. It is still made from all-natural materials (100% pine) but has clumping agents added along with mineral oil to help reduce dust.

We found that this natural pine litter absorbed liquid fairly quickly and formed well-defined clumps. The problem occurred when it was time to scoop those clumps because they remained somewhat soft and broke apart without careful handling.

One thing to be mindful of with this brand is that pine has a fairly strong natural scent to it. This scent may be too strong for some cats, particularly when used in covered cat litter boxes. You should also know that pine materials are not safe for small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits because they can irritate the respiratory system. Do not use this litter in anything other than a cat litter box.

Hudson Valley SPCA: Volunteers 18 and older to walk dogs; volunteers 14 and older to help with cat care: cleaning, socializing and playtime. Purina Naturals, One or Pro-Plan dry cat food; canned cat and dog food; pine cat litter; small bottles; kitten milk replacement; dry and canned kitten food; jars of turkey or chicken baby food; cleaning supplies; bleach, Lysol, Fabuloso, Odoban, laundry detergent, paper towels, garbage bags; cleaning wipes; old towels, sheets and blankets. Donations can be left at shelter door from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. daily. 564-6810.

Precious Paws Inc.: Monetary donations for veterinary care and spay/neuter. Desperate need for volunteers to foster kittens. Volunteers for humane trapping/transport. Gift cards from PetSmart or Positively Pets. Purina Naturals or Cat Chow dry cat food, Friskies canned food, clay litter or pine. 041b061a72


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