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Yeremey Zhdanov
Yeremey Zhdanov

Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth Ebook 21

: More than just a gallery of his collection, Bob McLeod has scanned over 500 authentically signed covers and posted them to several albums on his website as a collector's guide to: all 327 astronauts who have orbited the earth onboard NASA spacecraft; all 145 NASA crews; the 75 NASA astronauts who never flew or have yet to fly; and, the ten finalists for NASA's Teacher in Space program. Arranged by when an astronaut made his/her first flight, McLeod's gallery starts at MR-3's A. Shepard and ends at STS-114's S. Noguchi.

astronaut's guide to life on earth ebook 21

: Simon & Schuster released the authorized biography of Neil A. Armstrong, First Man by James Hansen Tuesday with an advertisement in the New York Times, a podcast featuring Hansen and a book tour getting underway. The book, which ships as a hardcover, an eBook and an audio CD/cassette, has received praise from early reviews including by Ad Astra (Leonard David), Quest Magazine (Tom Crouch) and our own, "Visor lifted on astronaut's life in First Man". Author-signed copies can be ordered from Boggs SpaceBooks and via buySPACE.


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