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Yeremey Zhdanov
Yeremey Zhdanov

3D Album Picture PRO Platinum V3 1 SERIAL NUMBER.rar ((NEW))

the road less traveled is the twenty-first studio album by george strait and certified platinum for sales of one million copies, the album produced the hits run, she'll leave you with a smile and living and living well, the latter two of which were number 1 hits on the billboard country charts. stars on the water and the real thing also charted at numbers 50 and 60.

3D Album Picture PRO Platinum v3 1 SERIAL NUMBER.rar

the album was also the first album not to use a picture on the cover. after all, we are musicians, and we all know that music is the purest art form. in the end, we wanted to make the songs sound like live recordings and cover it with all that high quality equipment that we all use to record our albums. we made it as pure as we could. it was a pleasure to make and a challenge to get it right.

our platinum collection combines the technology, the songs and the packaging that represents our music. this album is special to us because of the way we created it. its a mixture of our life experiences and our love for each other and the music that we share together. its about the moment in our life that we created the album. we wanted it to be perfect; we wanted it to matter. there is humor on this album, and nostalgia, and it's feminine. miranda, who wrote half of the album's 16 songs, described the album like a picture. 'all 16 songs together make up a picture, and without one of those songs, it just looks like abstract art,' she said. 'i wanted it to be perfect; i wanted it to matter,' she continued.

we wanted to make a special album, and we love the idea of creating a platinum cover. it just feels like a good thing to do. 'i've always loved the album covers that were done in the 70s,' said miranda. 'i grew up on elvis and the beatles and weve all been influenced by these things. we wanted to make something different. this album is modern, but its the same in that it reflects a lifestyle and speaks to people. you can't get that in music from the past. as soon as you try and replicate it, you lose it.'


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