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Messenger PORTABLE

Supervisor is a great tool to guarantee that your worker process(es) isalways running (even if it closes due to failure, hitting a message limitor thanks to messenger:stop-workers). You can install it on Ubuntu, forexample, via:


Supervisor configuration files typically live in a /etc/supervisor/conf.ddirectory. For example, you can create a new messenger-worker.conf filethere to make sure that 2 instances of messenger:consume are running at alltimes:

If you use the Redis Transport, note that each worker needs a unique consumername to avoid the same message being handled by multiple workers. One way toachieve this is to set an environment variable in the Supervisor configurationfile, which you can then refer to in messenger.yaml(see the ref:`Redis section ` below):

Systemd user service configuration files typically live in a /.config/systemd/userdirectory. For example, you can create a new messenger-worker.service file. Or amessenger-worker@.service file if you want more instances running at the same time:

In this example, if handling a message fails 3 times (default max_retries),it will then be sent to the failed transport. While you can usemessenger:consume failed to consume this like a normal transport, you'llusually want to manually view the messages in the failure transport and chooseto retry them:

The consumers do not show up in an admin panel as this transport does not rely on\AmqpQueue::consume() which is blocking. Having a blocking receiver makesthe --time-limit/--memory-limit options of the messenger:consume command as well asthe messenger:stop-workers command inefficient, as they all rely on the fact thatthe receiver returns immediately no matter if it finds a message or not. The consumeworker is responsible for iterating until it receives a message to handle and/or until oneof the stop conditions is reached. Thus, the worker's stop logic cannot be reached if itis stuck in a blocking call.

There should never be more than one messenger:consume command running with the samecombination of stream, group and consumer, or messages could end up beinghandled more than once. If you run multiple queue workers, consumer can be set to anenvironment variable, like %env(MESSENGER_CONSUMER_NAME)%, set by Supervisor(example below) or any other service used to manage the worker processes.In a container environment, the HOSTNAME can be used as the consumer name, sincethere is only one worker per container/host. If using Kubernetes to orchestrate thecontainers, consider using a StatefulSet to have stable names.

The messenger.transport.symfony_serializer is a built-in service that usesthe Serializer component and can be configured in a few ways.If you do choose to use the Symfony serializer, you can control the contexton a case-by-case basis via the SerializerStamp(see Envelopes & Stamps).

Symfony will normally find and register your handler automatically.But, you can also configure a handler manually - and pass it some extra config -by tagging the handler service with messenger.message_handler

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