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Maverick Diaz
Maverick Diaz

Subtitle Big Trouble In Little China 1986 BRRip...

The Tao of Thunder with ActorCarter Wong isan all-new 26-minute interview with the actor. Screen prompts lead thediscussion for the actor. Wong Born in Macau where he began training in martialarts (specifically Northern Shaolin). Wong does a great job of recounting howthis lead to training in Japan in the 1960s, Working with John Woo in his firstrole, but how he lived with Woo, how his career evolved in the 70s and 80s, martialarts in film vs reality, how he got attached Big Trouble in Little China, andmuch more. Wong gives a great interview, they do subtitle him though he doesspeak English to help people (re white people) who may have troubleunderstanding.

subtitle Big Trouble In Little China 1986 BRRip...



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