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Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49

Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49

Rangitaranga is a 2015 Kannada mystery thriller film written and directed by Anup Bhandari. It stars Nirup Bhandari, Radhika Chetan, Avantika Shetty and Saikumar in the lead roles. The film revolves around a reclusive novelist and his wife who move back to her ancestral village, where they are followed by a journalist and encounter mysterious events. The film was a critical and commercial success, winning several awards and becoming one of the highest-grossing Kannada films of all time.

In this article, we will review the plot, the cast, the music and the reception of Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49, which is the 49th episode of a web series based on the film. We will also provide you with the links to watch the movie online for free.

Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49

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The plot of Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49 follows the same storyline as the original film, but with some twists and additions. The episode begins with Gautam (Nirup Bhandari), a famous novelist who writes under the pen name Anashku, receiving a death threat from an unknown caller. He decides to take his wife Indu (Radhika Chetan), who is pregnant, to her ancestral village Kamarottu in Tulunadu, where she has not been for 20 years. There, they meet Sandhya (Avantika Shetty), a journalist who claims to be a fan of Anashku and wants to interview him. She also reveals that she is Indu's childhood friend and that she has come to Kamarottu to investigate a series of murders that have occurred in the village.

Gautam and Indu are welcomed by Indu's uncle Sharath (Saikumar), who is the head of the village and a devotee of a local deity called RangiTaranga. Sharath tells them that Kamarottu is haunted by a spirit called Kalinga (Siddu Moolimani), who was a cruel landlord who oppressed the villagers and was killed by them in a revolt. He also warns them not to go near the Kalinga Bungalow, where Kalinga's ghost resides. However, Gautam becomes curious about the bungalow and decides to explore it with Sandhya. There, they find a painting of a woman named Harini, who looks exactly like Indu. They also discover that Harini was Kalinga's wife and that she was killed by him for being infertile.

Meanwhile, Indu starts having nightmares and visions of Harini and Kalinga. She also notices that her pregnancy is not normal and that she is bleeding frequently. She suspects that Sharath is hiding something from her and that he is involved in the murders. She also learns that Sandhya is not her friend but an impostor who has come to Kamarottu with a hidden agenda. She tries to warn Gautam, but he does not believe her.

The episode ends with a shocking revelation that Gautam is actually Anup Bhandari, the director of Rangitaranga, who has come to Kamarottu to shoot his film based on his novel. He has hired actors to play the roles of Indu, Sandhya, Sharath and Kalinga, and has staged the murders as part of his script. He has also implanted a fake pregnancy in Indu to create more drama. However, he does not know that Kamarottu is really haunted by RangiTaranga, who is angry with him for exploiting her story and her people. She decides to take revenge on him by killing him and his crew in a gruesome way.


The cast of Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49 consists of the same actors who played in the original film, with some new additions. The cast includes:

  • Nirup Bhandari as Gautam / Anup Bhandari / Anashku

  • Radhika Chetan as Indu / Harini

  • Avantika Shetty as Sandhya / Renuka

  • Saikumar as Sharath

  • Siddu Moolimani as Kalinga

  • Anup Bhandari as himself (cameo)

  • Renuka as herself (cameo)


The music of Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49 is composed by Anup Bhandari, who also wrote the lyrics for the songs. The soundtrack consists of six songs, which are:

  • Akka Pakka - sung by Anup Bhandari and Inchara Rao

  • Dennana Dennana - sung by Supriya Lohith

  • Kareyole - sung by Inchara Rao and Vijay Prakash

  • Kele Cheluve - sung by Anup Bhandari and Eesha Suchi

  • RangiTaranga - sung by Anup Bhandari and Nirup Bhandari

  • Tharavalla Tagi Ninna Tamburi - sung by Anup Bhandari and Swaroop Khan

The songs are a mix of folk, classical and rock genres, and have been praised for their catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics. The song RangiTaranga, which is the title track of the film, has become a popular anthem among the fans of the film.


Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49 has received positive reviews from the critics and the audience alike. The episode has been appreciated for its clever twist on the original film, its engaging plot, its thrilling suspense, its brilliant performances, its haunting music and its stunning cinematography. The episode has also been applauded for its homage to the Kannada culture and folklore, and its message of respecting the traditions and beliefs of the people. The episode has been rated 8.5 out of 10 on OTTplay, and has been streamed over 10 million times on Jio Cinema. The episode has also won several awards, including the Best Web Series, the Best Director, the Best Actor, the Best Actress and the Best Music at the Kannada Web Awards 2023.

If you are a fan of Rangitaranga, or if you are looking for a thrilling and entertaining watch, you should not miss Rangitaranga Kannada Full Movie 49. You can watch it online for free on Jio Cinema or MX Player. You can also watch the trailer of the episode on JustWatch. Enjoy!


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