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Companies That Buy Ideas PORTABLE

According to Wikipedia, a patent is a form of intellectual property that gives its owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention for a limited period of years in exchange for publishing an enabling public disclosure of the invention.

companies that buy ideas

Have you recently had that eureka moment and wondered if there are companies that pay for ideas? Is your invention or business idea groundbreaking and simply needs to be in the world?

Companies are always looking for new, original, innovative ideas and inventions that have market feasibility and profit potential. If your idea meets these criteria then you have an opportunity to sell this directly to them. Some companies will offer partnerships, license agreements, royalty payments or simply buy the idea from you for a one-off lump sum.

Well, getting paid for your incredible idea might not be as unrealistic as you may have thought. In fact, there are countless companies out there who are actively seeking innovative and original designs, ideas, inventions, and techniques that they can introduce to the market.

The upside for them is profiting off an original idea that has scalable and widespread feasibility. And the advantage for you is that an idea can exist outside of your imagination and potentially earn you some money!

This article will recommend a number of companies that are known to accept or entertain the possibility of developing an idea, invention, innovation, or concept. The list is accurate at the time of publication and will be updated periodically. For each listed company it is recommended to do your own due diligence and research before submitting any idea you may have.

However, some ideas could be taken to market for substantially less financial input. And if the idea is more of an innovative business concept rather than a physical innovative product, this could be started by a hard-working entrepreneur for just a small personal investment.

As mentioned earlier, some of the companies that pay for ideas will require a patent number, and therefore you must go beyond these initial stages of development. It is recommended however that you at least have your idea documented with at least some basic research completed.

Finally, the great thing about the upcoming list of companies is they are actively seeking inventions or ideas, or at the very least, have previously demonstrated that they will conduct business in this way. So unlike cold-calling, at least you start off with a fighting chance of landing the next great licensing deal.

It is also important to note that perhaps contrary to popular belief, you cannot in fact patent an idea in its raw form. So if your invention is only at the idea stage of development you will be unable to submit it to the companies that have these requirements.

If the companies you are submitting to require a patent number then you may wish to consider the patent application process. Patent ownership will not only legally protect your idea but also provide you with a piece of intellectual property, which in itself is worth something.

This list of companies broadly operates in the industrial sector and produces products such as tools, hardware, and moldings. If you feel your invention idea fits into this niche then these companies are worth reaching out to for further discussions.

One of the leading custom injection molding companies in the Midwest. They began with affordable high-end kitchenware products and have now, as a result of working with inventors, expanded their range to include pet and hardware. They are focused on penetrating multiple marketplaces and encouraging a drive for innovation. Tailor Made Products like you to be as complete as you can with your product and to be open to collaboration.

Providing engineering supported products and services they are in the business of protecting your business. They live off open innovation preferring elegant and simple solutions. The company often deals with every-day inventors and designers, who have managed to identify a problem that is not currently being satisfactorily solved. Worksafe Technologies prefer to work with ideas that already have some proof of success with real users and not just an idea on a piece of paper.

A British manufacturing company that primarily focuses on household cleaning products. They have the full capability to take a product from concept right through to production. Most of their output focuses on injection molding but they are open to ideas that fall outside of this arena.

Offering a wide range of innovative and stylish designs this company actively engages with public submitted ideas via its website. Categories for design ideas include cleaning, tools, food prep, outdoor, frozen, and beverage. When submitting an invention or design suggestion to Tovolo you must ensure your idea has a published patent number, otherwise, the suggestion will not be reviewed.

This company has been leading in healthcare safety and technologies for more than a century and operates in sectors such as Diabetes Care, Medication Delivery Solutions, Pharmaceutical Systems, and Surgery. They accept ideas in the forms of drawings and literature only and must be sent via physical mail. They typically take between 4 and 6 weeks to process ideas and respond.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Crown is a company that manufactures metal beverage and food cans, aerosol containers, closures and capping, and specialty packaging. They are the leader in metal packaging technology and have operations in 47 countries. They have an open innovation portal and have keen interests in shelf-life enhancement, improved manufacturing, new packaging technologies, and sustainable packaging. You can submit ideas directly on their website and they aim to respond within 30 days of receiving material.

Initially a fastener company, now a top provider of complete hardware solutions, offering a wide array of products. Claiming to simplify the hardware buying experience and an industry leader to top home improvement and local hardware retailers. Hillman Group is happy to utilize ideas that inventors bring to the table especially when they are backed up with some knowledge and experience.

A leader in specialized hand tools for homeowners, trade professionals, and industrial users. Hyde is often the brand of choice for many and the name is synonymous with innovation. They love to work with inventors who have a passion for their ideas, especially when they have real-life experience with them.

Bosch is a German multinational technology and engineering company and has operations in consumer goods, mobility, technology, and energy. This huge company is always looking to expand its portfolio of world-renowned designs through collaboration and cooperation. They even have a dedicated innovation submission portal where you can send your ideas.

A leading global provider of kitchenware, tableware, and other home products. They believe a great idea can come from anywhere and anyone with a proposal deserves to be heard. They have an unwavering commitment to innovation and aim to make products that make your life easier.

Designers of houseware and food preparation products using elements of architecture. Their creations are all about innovation, color, and fun. They like to work with a different inventor every year and are keen to hear new ideas.

This worldwide company operates in three main sectors including Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care. They have a number of options when it comes to innovation partnerships and invention ideas. For startups, they offer mentorship and high-level investments in exchange for up to 20% ownership. If you already hold a patent for your idea then they have a submission portal where they will examine your proposal. And if you have an innovative idea for Laundry & Home Care solutions without a patent you can submit it directly on the website.

Identifying themselves as creators of fun, makers of toys, and experts in play. They are keen to work with top-notch inventors who can bring innovation to their existing product line. As leaders in toy production and distribution, they will help bring your ideas to the next level.

Known for delivering high-quality toys for kids of all ages that stimulate imagination, activity, and physical coordination. Hoping to encourage through play a healthy and active lifestyle, Zing is always looking to work with inventors for new and exciting products.

A rapidly growing force in the toy market and keen to launch exciting new brands. Far Out Toys are actively inviting individuals and companies to present them with their concepts. They believe they can be great partners, possessing resources and contacts to create and market first-class products.

A toy company whose brand is synonymous with play, fun, and sport. Offering a wide range of consumer products that interest people of all ages. Wham-O is keen to encourage the curious mind that sees beyond the ordinary. They are eager to see ideas for new and exciting products. With an open submission facility, they look forward to reviewing outside innovations.

A company that is keen to increase outdoor activity and unite people in the pursuit of fun. Creators of Bean Bag Bucketz want to help you bring your ideas to life. If you have an idea that matches their vision they are keen to give you the opportunity to see your product be enjoyed by others.

A manufacturer who designs and delivers pet products to an extremely high standard where quality is guaranteed. If you feel your product is a good fit for Coastal Pet Products, then they welcome your fresh and innovative ideas for consideration.

A company that believes in ethical products for dogs and cats including toys, dishes, waste management products, and other accessories. They take pride in providing pets and their owners with the absolute best. Spot is keen to work with product developers and inventors helping them to bring their ideas to life and easing the transition from vision to production. 041b061a72


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